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Robin Hood. Episode 12. The King's Return.

The Story: Inside Nottingham Castle the Sheriff is playing with his canaries, using the metaphor of a beautiful bird in a cage to tease Gisborne about his relationship with Marian. But he has much more important news to tease Gisborne with than this, for King Richard is about to return to England and pass through Nottingham. The news spreads quickly and Will relays it to the rest of the outlaws back at the cave. Much is ecstatic, and cannot wait to return to a former life of comparative luxury. But the other outlaws are more reserved. They know that the King's return may well make them free men, but they'll still be poor. And furthermore, they know of Marian's promise to marry Gisborne upon King Richard's return, and are mindful of Robin's obvious unrest. But Gisborne wastes no time in organising the wedding, and even takes Marian to Loxley Manor to see the bedroom he has refurbished for them.
Later on Robin Hood goes to see Marian, trying to persuade her that he can prove Gisborne attempted to assassinate the King in the Holy lands, but Gisborne’s alibi of being ill at home is clearly going to prove difficult to disprove. Also, Marian feels she must go through with her promise for the sake of protecting her aging father. Inevitably they end up arguing, and Robin leaves to try and find proof of Gisborne's guilt. Marian tells her father she has plans of her own before the marriage: Her words take on an ominous tone about the Night Watchman planning one final fling....
Robin and the outlaws go into Nottingham. The conversation between Alan and Will is turning more and more to what the future holds for them as free men, and they will decide to leave Robin before the day is done. Robin, Djaq and Little John pay a visit to Gisborne's doctor, and get him to confess that Gisborne was never at home ill during the time Robin saw him in the Holy Lands. Robin now thinks he has the proof he will need to stop the wedding, and goes to inform Marian, but she is not at home. The Night Watchman has gone to Loxley Manor for a "final fling": The theft of Gisborne's money. But when Gisborne is alerted to the her presence he traps her in the bedroom!What then follows is a frightening encounter between Gisborne, wielding his axe and trying to cut through the door, and the Night Watchman cornered inside. Robin Hood appears just in time to stop him, and so she thinks it safe to leave the bedroom. Whilst passing Gisborne on the stairs she cannot resist pushing him to one side. Gisborne lashes out with what appears to be a punch, but after the outlaws have departed his hand reveals a small Saracen dagger, its blade covered in the Night Watchman's blood!
Back at the cave Robin no sooner gets chance to inform Marian about Gisborne's doctor when she faints from the loss of blood. Djaq treats her wound as best she can, and when Marian recovers consciousness all seems well. Of course Marian and Robin begin a fierce argument once more. Robin accuses Marian of actually liking Guy. Marian tells Robin the Night Watchman is more intelligent than Robin Hood. Robin tells her to stick to her embroidery! Neither of them mean it; their words are simply the product of fear and upset for what has happened. The scene becomes even more sinister as Marian's condition suddenly worsens, and Djaq is forced to operate to stop the internal bleeding. Knowing she is close to death Marian and Robin make their peace, teasing each other good naturedly before he has to hold her down as Djaq's blade goes in and Marian's screams echo throughout the cave.
The operation goes badly, and Robin is forced to fetch Gisborne's doctor. But the doctor tricks him, leaving a trail for the Sheriff's men to follow back to the cave. Robin realises this too late, and cannot leave Marian's side. So with only Djaq, Little John and Much still at his side, he prepares to make one last stand. At that point a gloating doctor tells him Marian is dead. Crying, Robin takes her lifeless body in his arms saying "I love you Marian, I love you". Outside the Sheriff's voice begins taunting him, and it is a very angry Robin who rises to face the ambush outside.....
Comment: A classic. There were just too many highlights to pick only a few. But I loved Djaq's blunt bedside manner - even going so far as slapping Marian across the face to bring her round. Also Much's upset whilst attempting to help Djaq, and being horrified at the sight her thumping Marian's chest because he'd never witnessed heart massage before. When the situation is so stressful his humour works really well within the script, and he remains for me what he was at the start of the series - a favourite character. The scene where Guy and the Night Watchman are each side of a door with an axe between them was also gripping. Not quite what he was planning for his wedding night. Excellent. Full marks. But so very, very sad...

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Blogger robin hood said...

EVERYBODY: Thanks for all the great comments. I've moved them all over to go with the pictures. (If you lot a link just place another!) MANY more pictures to come after Christmas!

rae said...
omg!! will plz dnt leave!!!!!!!!!!

hi robin hood,

do allan nd will go 4 gd?? (plz plz no!!)

9:01 PM

Anonymous said...
Wow im the first to comment on this awsome episode! I loved every minute of it so gripping, but for me it was the scenes between robin and marian which were some of the sweetest tv scenes i have seen in a long time. I was in tears at the end when he was saying he loved her. But has she actually died? because I thought she was signed up for season 2? Well anyway I loved it and I thought that lucy and jonas did a brilliant job with the scrips! And did you see the bit where she was like "how can I ever repay you?" n he was like hmmmm lol u know exactly what he had in mind. And when he was about to say "I love you" but Djaq came in. Ace. They both are so obviously in love with eachother but i suppose only time will tell what will happen. Wow i baffled on for ages but it can't be helped i suppose :) Elle xxx ps will allan n will return??

9:05 PM

rae said...
i commented first!!!!! lol

9:20 PM

robin hood said...
Hi rae,
Very sad night eh? I hope Will and Alan turn up next episode to help Robin. He's trapped in there, and feeling he has nothing else to live for now. He's likely to get reckless.....

Yes the "How can I ever repay you" was a really good bit.

(How come Will hasn't made any advances on Djaq since saying he loved her a few episodes ago?)

9:22 PM

rae said...
will aint made any advances cuz e luvs me!! lol. r u gna put up more pics ov im up?? (I LOVE HARRY LLOYD!! incase u ddnt no! lmao)

9:42 PM

robin hood said...
I PROMISE you more pictures of Harry Lloyd - and Joe (Alan A'Dale).

10:01 PM

rae said...
cheers m8! swear? lol soz but harry is sooooooooo fit!!

10:03 PM

Anonymous said...
lol yer soz u did comment 1st. lol harry lloyd is fit! but im a robin girl lol can you do some more pics of him n marion? thanx ellexx

10:07 PM

rae said...
hi elle

yh jonas is pretty fit, but nt as gd as the lovley harry!! lol

10:11 PM

robin hood said...

Certainly. Loads more pictures to come. Even after the series ends.

Cheers for now everybody.

10:13 PM

rae said...
fnx robin!!

10:14 PM

rae said...
im well lookin 4ward 2 last epi. hopefully will comes bak, if i havnt sed already, I LOVE HIM!! lol. does marian come bak 2 lyf or summin?

10:30 PM

rae said...
just saw preveiw clip on bbc web. WILL AND ALLAN COME BAK!!! :) nd hes cryin awwwwwwwwww!

10:37 PM

Anonymous said...
At the end of the preview clip of ep13 , something happens to the guy looking at marian . I feel that she is not dead or something. I mean main lady dies in first season ? I have my doubts.

5:43 AM

rae said...
sme. ill watch d@ clip agin nd check. fnx 4 tip off.

9:44 AM

rae said...
yh i just watch it nd @ da end allan starts lookin @ marian n looks reli confused

10:07 AM

Anonymous said...
The BBC want Matt Lucas to play the role of Friar Tuck in the next series of Robin Hood.

10:11 AM

Anonymous said...
yea i thort that allan looked really confused n how cute is robin wen he was like "her we loved" "her I loved" n every1 was like "yer im pretty sure she knew, bloody hell we all did" lol. I think she might come back because I saw an advert of her in a wedding dress looking like she wanted to kill herself, so im assuming shesmarrying Gisborne poor thing lol ellexxx

10:31 AM

tiff said...
ye he is ent he lol..soz but marian CANT die..plz plz plz plz dont let her die..because she was one of the main characters and robin hood and her have GOT to get together..plz you dont no how obsessed i am with robin hood (and will lol) but we cant have will alan leaving and definatley marian dyin..plz robin hood your my favourite so force the producers to make marian stay alive..(nd alan and fit will to come bak)
o ye and robin is fit aswell hehe xxxx

10:37 AM

Anonymous said...
Alan has his "im not being funny or owt" look on in the end of that clip. I dont think marian is dead.

11:11 AM

Anonymous said...
Final episode of the series. Robin of Locksley mourns the loss of Marian. But in the final fairwells from the group a shocking discovery is made.....

11:15 AM

rae said...
yeah! marian so aint dead. probably paralazed or woteva. tiff as gd taste will is well buff!!

11:22 AM

rae said...
4gt 2 add, merry xmas evry1!!

11:49 AM

11:56 AM  
Blogger Clement of the Glen said...

I have said it before and I will say it again! This series is a rollercoaster! What a fantastic episode! I have completely run out of man-size tissues!! Please don’t let Marian die!!!

This storyline in my humble opinion is one of the best TV Robin Hood episodes I have seen.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have this theory that guy of gisborne knew robin would fetch the only phisision in the area after he stabbed the night watchman, cos the phisision had gards waiting outside his window for a certain signal, and his bag was already packed. . . fishy. also gisborne said 'got ya!; after he stabbed the night watchman. . wat do ya think? also ive gotta stand up for jonus here, soz but sooooo much fitter than Harry lloyd, just so unbelievably gorgeous! NOOOOOOOOOOO marion must not be dead! i rekon that 'pain reliever' was actually a sleeping drought or summin. POOOOOOR ROBIN, aww babz cant wait for marion to wake up *I hope, crosses fingures* clara xxx i literally cant wait for the next and last ep! xxx

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought that episode is the best so far. jonas and lucy playes the sceeens exellent.
i felt sad for jonas when had to play the sceen at the end, it was heartbreaking seeing him cry.

best eppiy so far.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was heartbreaking because he was so convincing because hes such a good actor. Do you think that Will actually wanted to run away with Allan because he looked like he didnt really want to. I agree with clara Robin is fineee lol but so is will and allan 4 that matter. Marians one lucky girl well apart from being dead n havin 2 marry Gisborne lol elle xxx

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey. wow i couldnt belive it. it was so sad. Jonas and lucy played the scene's extremely well. it was quite emotinal at times. i really dont think she is dead because that can't be possiable. and i deffiently dont think that allan =] and will =] have left them. that's mad. i think that they have deffiently made this robin hood so much more dramatic and effective it is a great programme and this was a great cliff-hanging episode. i have to agree with everyone will (harry) & allan (joe) are deffiently buff seriously need some more picci's of them. merry crimbo everyone have a good one. Kat xxx =]

4:28 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

whoeva sed jonas was fitter den harry, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong!! harry lloyd= fittest bloke ive ever set eyes on!! lol

5:05 PM  
Anonymous sophie said...

Hiya guys!
Marian isnt dead:
a)Its in the TV guides *gutted I read them now!*
b)If you've watched the first BBC Xmas trailer (you can find it here: and stop it at 00:17 seconds you can clearly see a close-up of Marian's face behind a veil looking very sad.

Which is rather exciting cos...well...she's ALIVE!

I think that Jonas and Lucy's chemistry has been an assett to the series. Its the whole 'will they/wont they' thing that keeps me watching!

Sad it'll be the last episode next week though! =(


5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jonas and Lucy's chemistry has been electric this series, I hope they keep it up next series! And I am glad the Beeb haven't killed off Marian, she's one of the most complex characters and my personal favourite. Both Jonas and Lucy have been a revelation!
I really feel for Robin and Marian's relationship, I mean you know they love each other but they have never got around to saying it. Deep down they probably know that the other loves them back, but I think they just both want to hear it said properly - and were so close until Djaq stopped them!
This was a fantastic episode!

2:35 AM  
Anonymous rae said...

i dnt like djaq. shez annoyin!! "you just dnt belive me cuz i'm a woman!" (epi 10) bloody hell!! bit OTT on the feminism there!! nd den inturruptin robin nd marian!!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like djaq, something different. and she isnt over the top, she's just more sensible than the others, and knows what to do. honestly, you dont know a good actor when you see one, Rae

9:16 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

no, anjali jay is a fantastic actress i just dnt like the character.

5:32 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...

I'll really miss Djaq. I really think it's good to have a Saracen outlaw to put the other side of the so called "Holy War". Anjali was a good actress to. AND this was the first ever girl outlaw - if you don't count Marian.

But it's good to hear other opinions from you all.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Djaq coming back in the next series? I like to see a girl in the thick of the action apart from Marian.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous kaytee said...

omg i love jonas armstrong lol he is well fit nd harry lloyd but jonas is wayyy betta i wish i was marian in tht scene of ep 13 lucky person lol jonas is SOOOOOOOO FIT!!!

6:29 PM  
Anonymous saascha Griffiths said...

grace if you copy and paste this link into ur internet browser the cast list of nxt yr will come up nd no Djaq isnt coming back! im so sad! i wanted to see the will nd Djaq thing!
lv saascha

3:42 PM  
Anonymous saascha Griffiths said...

sorry grace this is the full link

3:45 PM  
Anonymous riya said...

wonderful wonderful episode!! full marks to everyone involved....jonas n lucy's chemistry just gets better and better...i cannot believe i know abt episode 13, n i'm still depressed....i really applaud all of you who saw it in england on a weekly basis, and had to wait through what must've seemed like eternity, in order to know what happens next...
apart frm robin n marian's interchange, djaq'a blunt manner n much's concern were very well done...
eagerly waiting for the season finale...

6:15 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...

We all know how you're feeling Riya.

It was SOOOOOOOOOO sad.....

8:43 PM  
Anonymous lowtorning said...

OMG!!! im sooo glad to read your fantastic coments. plzzzz dont let marion die i couldn't bare it. i reckon that evil physition gave that potion/medicine or watever to slow her haert beat or somthin. cant w8 for season finale. i was so upset about marions death and will leaving i cried in my sleep at the injustice of it all. the best episode yet a real thriller!!

p.s keep me updated.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous lowtorning said...

the whole group is falling apart. the last episode will reveal it all, (i hope). i cant bare waiting a whole week to find out what happens! does marion live? do will and allan come back?

1:56 AM  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi lowtorning,

It really is gripping stuff isn't it?

I do try and avoid "spoilers" here, but of course getting the series a year before you does make that a bit difficult!

I'm half dreading the second series - in the nicest possible way! These blogs are just a little hobby, but they now tend to draw so much attention that the "pressure's on" to keep pace.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

richard armitage is really HOT and SEXY ! boy im in love

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

will u marry me gisbourne! plzz

5:14 PM  
Anonymous samantha said...

yeah i totally agree he is really sexy and well fit i have watched all the interviews about him and man i just wish i could wake up with him in the morning right beside my bed oh i would be soo happy if only!!!!
ricky rocks!* mwah xxxxxxxxx luv u

5:16 PM  
Anonymous samantha said...

bye gisbourne x sam

5:17 PM  
Anonymous demii said...

noo! if you fell in love with abother man he would kill like he did marian.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:11 PM  

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