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Robin Hood. Episode 13 . A Clue: No.

The story: A gloating Sheriff of Nottingham, Gisborne, and his men, approach the cave concealing Robin Hood and the body of Maid Marian. Feeling he now has nothing to lose, Robin attacks them and several arrows find their deadly mark. The Sheriff loses a tooth in the process, a humorous aside no doubt inspired by the real life event in which Richard Armitage knocked out Keith Allen's tooth during rehearsals. As the outlaws run out of arrows, Will Scarlet and Alan A’ Dale turn up to rejoin their number, and all draw swords to attack. "It is a good day to die", says Little John, but his fears are unfounded when the Sheriff's men run away.
Returning to the cave they begin to pay their personal respects over Marian’s lifeless body, until Alan realises she is in fact still breathing. Djaq recognises the symptom of hemlock poisining, as Marian awakens from her coma before being carried back to Knighton Hall. Marian's father, Sir Edward, has markedly less concern for his daughter than he does the returning King Richard, and tries to persuade Robin Hood to accompany him to Nottingham to protect the King, even though it means letting Marian marry Gisborne. Indeed he is adamant that Robin should "let her go" unless he has a foolproof plan to save her. Robin departs to think things through alone, only to have Much approach him with the same sentiments as Sir Edward, that he should let Marian go. Robin's sarcastic response directed at Much is vicious, and Much soon leaves him alone.
What none of them know is that King Richard is not returning to England. It is all just a ruse by the Sheriff to see who is likely to betray him if such an event took place. The Sheriff plans on killing those disloyal to him, and informs Guy of his plan. Of course Guy is disappointed because it changes the conditions by which Marian agreed to marriage. Marian goes to see Guy and asks him if the rumours about him attempting to assassinate the King whilst in the Holy Lands are true. He denies it and, his passions aroused, attempts a kiss. Later, when Robin Hood visits Marian, she tells him she has spoken to Guy and that she feels Robin might be wrong about him. (A statement this reviewer at least found totally incredulous bearing in mind recent events!) She also tells Robin it is time to say goodbye, and that she intends marrying Guy, at which point Robin leaves. Meanwhile Marian's father is gathering a small force together to protect the King he believes bound for Nottingham, and the outlaws join him but without Robin. It falls to the loyal Much to realise they really need their leader, and to go in search of him. When he does so he comes across the Royal procession bound for Nottingham and realises that all is not well.
On the day of the wedding Marian arrives at the church looking beautiful in her Nottingham Lace bridal veil. Her father of course is not present, and Marian herself has to instruct Guy on the proper etiquette of where to stand. During the ceremony Much arrives, shouting out that her heart belongs to another, and that the King is not really the King. This off course negates her promise to Guy, but he threatens her that if she does not go through with the ceremony her father will be in danger. Marian finally changes her mind with a well aimed punch to Guy's jaw, before leaping onto the back of Robin Hood's horse and riding towards the Castle, gleafully tossing her wedding veil to the dust. Upon reaching the gates of Nottingham Castle Robin Hood calls Maid Marian to his side and forever seals their fate as history's great lovers with a kiss. This is not just a kiss fired by their love for each over, it is also an act of heroic defiance, a symbol of their united stance against all the injustices which plague their England, and as such I would suggest to Robin Hood fans everywhere that this moment between Jonas Armstrong and Lucy Grifiths is unparalleled throughout Robin Hood filmdom.
Comment: Bearing in mind that the BBC didn't know for sure at this point whether a second series would prove popular, I thought this a really good ending to the series. Yes I was a little disappointed at the speed of Marian's recovery, which seemed a bit anti-climatic after last week's heart wrenching scenes, and yes my jaw dropped about a mile when she was prepared to believe Guy was misunderstood. (That bit beggared belief!) But the final scenes, as Robin swept her away on horseback, more than made up for it. Maid Marian cannot now go back. Everyone saw her being rescued by Robin Hood. Guy of Gisborne knows this. Everyone saw the kiss. If the BBC now try and have her living with her father back at Knighton Hall it will just be ridiculous. I also really liked the scene between Much and Robin when Robin was so mean to him. When this series first began I didn't like the fact that Little John was not Robin Hood's second in command, which of course he was in real life. But now I see how it has opened up such opportunities as this in which to explore the emotions and humour between such close friends. That wouldn't have been possible with a character like little John. Good episode. Beautiful wedding dress, shame about the father…


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Blogger robin hood said...

BBC Robin Hood 2006 Cast:

Robin Hood - Jonas Armstrong
Marian - Lucy Griffiths
Guy of Gisborne - Richard Armitage
Sheriff of Nottingham - Keith Allen
Little John - Gordon Kennedy
Much - Sam Troughton
Alan A'Dale - Joe Armstrong
Will Scarlett - Harry Lloyd
Anjali Jay - Djaq

(Basic cast only).

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow the best episode of the series. that kiss was unbelieveble i really thort she would hit him like usual lol but she didnt which i am v happy about. I also was convinced she would marry Gisborne to portect her father n when she punched him my heart skipped a beat lol n the slow motion running was ace lol n robin saying "will you take thsi man n this horse as your escape route?" n her simple "I do" was really clever basically i just loved the episode lol n cant wait for more pics. (ps next season do u think they will finally do it lol?) ellexxxx

10:31 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...

More pics for sure Ellie. Yes I loved the bit where Robin rode up and rescued her!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this ep was amazing. loved it so so so much. an amazing ending to an amazing series, OMG how awsome was that kiss? the whole episode oozed suspence, i was kept guessing throughout! i have simply longed for a proper kiss, FINALLY! and her realizing Gisorne is truly heartless (apart from whem he didnt go after her at the ending of their 'wedding'- sweet. it made me realise gisbornes feelings were behond lust for marion) FAB! WOOOOOOOOW love this site and robin loads! clara xxx

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Sam said...

Oh wow. Just WOW.
Brilliant episode tonight. Absolutely BRILLIANT!
Loved it!! :D

And Robin Hood - you really have a knack for writing reviews - they're FANTASTIC!!
What a shame I only found your blog recently...

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi agen
forgot to mention that the acting was out of this world, especially ; robin marion much will an allun- amazing claraxxx

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Sadhbh said...

I loved the rescue. Robin was so mean to Much, I felt so sorry for him, Much is such a lovely character.
I was dissapointed the Will or Alan didn't say anything to Djaq, my hope is for next series. I can't believe we have to wait a year for the next one.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous lauren said...

I loved that episode the ending was fantastic i liked the bit wen she ran out at the alter and met robin to sweep her away. That whole scene was so omg is this really happening or not. and that kiss at the castle was sooo romantic when they called each others names awww i cant wait till next series.

10:50 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...

glad you like it. I've got the next blog already sorted for series 2. And this site (plus these comments boxes), will be staying here.

I agree. Jonas and Lucy really made the roles their own this time.

The rescue had me cheering! And yes, Much is a favourite character of mine. I treally don't know what's happening to Djaq next series. I hope the stuff about her being sacked is just rumours.....

10:51 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...


you should be writing these reviews girl! (And I can't wait for the next series either).

10:56 PM  
Anonymous lauren said...

where can you buy the first series on dvd coz i really want it . i love it

11:33 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...


At present I think you can only buy the first 5 episodes on one DVD. The cheapest place to buy is on the 'net from (much cheaper than the shops).

Chances are that, when the next few episodes are available, Amazon will offer the whole lot at a reduced price. This is what they usually do.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Sadhbh said...

I really hope the Anjali Jay is not sacked from the programme, she is a good actress and it is great having a female outlaw.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great episode! Loved it to pieces. Did anyone else see Will crying when Marian was...err... still dead? How sweet was that! Once he was crying, I felt like crying! I also loved the bit where Robin did his grand rescue. Is it just me, or would you put aside your plans to save Nottingham if your daughter was getting married?! Oh well, good episode none the less.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous tiff said...

omg that last episode was amazing. at the begginning i was really depressed cuz robin and marian STILL wernt together..robin had broken up with the band..and things still wernt goin well. but the scene where marian sed grow up nd robin sed alrite..that was quite cool cuz everyone knew then that she wanted you to fight for her!
and wat everyone else sed was efecive nd amazin aswell.. i lovd it! sooooooooo much! amazing! but now im depressed agen cuz robin hood isnt on anymore!
when will series 2 come out??
in something like febuarey or october :(

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Sadhbh said...

I think the next series comes out around october cause they're not filming till the summer.
The DVDs come out in three volumes. The second volume comes out on the 22nd Jan. The thired comes out about 22/3rd Feb.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just had to write again! i loved the scene where marion told robin to grow up and say goodbye too, it was great to see marion look stiken and angry with herself.

and i agree, if my father decied to go and save Tony Blair (LOL) instead of save me i wud be majorly angry! i loved it when marion finally abandoned 'doing the right thing' when she FINALLY realised Gisborne was awful, and truly couldnt go through with her marraige cos she was so so so in luuuuurve with robin was great!and she let him kiss her! YAH! i dont no how i am going to wait 4 the next series!

is it just me or do u think maybe Much is a little in love with marion? cause i swear that in ep 13 he was like 'WE need u, i mean he needs u'? or was that just me?

wow sadhbh u r well informed!! i will watch out 4 those DVDs. RH what will the site adress be 4 series 2 of robin hood? clara xxx thnx for the amazing site!! xxx

11:16 AM  
Anonymous tiff said...

ye..were du u get that information!!!
omg no way..october..thats like a YEAR..oh no!!!:'(

12:20 PM  
Anonymous tiff said...

im depressed now lol

12:21 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

d@ was fan-bloody-tastic!!!! i loved the start with the sheriff searching for his tooth, nd allan trying 2 lie about leaving the gang nd will just blurting out the truth. loved it!!

cnt belive we have 2 wait a nerly a whole year till nxt series. (Harry Lloyd is in it right??) but hopefully we see these talented actors/actresses in other programs. ESPECIALLY harry lloyd who is sooooooooo fit!!

cheers bbc!!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Mia said...

i know what a fantastic end to it. Even though Will scarlett should be with me, i realy wanted the will/Djaq thing to take off. Shame shes been sacked though! She was ace, loved her character.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:57 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

mia dA fing wiv gjaq ddnt happen cuz will loves me!!! lol

ps harry lloyd is sooooooo buff

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Mia said...

hi rae, isnt Harry Lloyd just the fittest guy ever!!?? But he so loves me. lol cant wait for the next series to see him again!

3:22 PM  
Anonymous tiff said...

lol i fink u 2 (rae nd mia) r probs scarin harry if hes lukin at dis lol! he is reli fit but dnt freak him out lol

5:33 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

if harry duz lok @ dis site:

hi harry! I LOVE YOU!!!

lol. gd tiff ur rite i am a bit scary!!

5:44 PM  
Anonymous tiff said...

lol ..happy new yr rae! nd de acters from robin hood (will nd robyn nd gang nd every1 else) nd everyone else hu sees dis!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

What an amazing episode! It was very good - interesting to note Robin was the Captain of the Honoured Guard.
Anyone notice what a sweet fighter Djaq is? I do hope they don't get rid of her that would be a shame.
We only have two girls, Djaq and Marian!
I love the kiss, hated the cheesy ending where they jumped in the air, loved Marian decking Guy (WELL deserved)... and yet I agree about her father. I am not quite sure exactly what is going on in that man's head quite yet. I like Edward - yet there's a lot we don't know yet.
On a side note - great set for next season - and good to know you'll be blogging again. Robin, Merry Men and Djaq are definitely established as a team, Robin's relationship. Also - I would like to see some more top political intrigue and some appearances of Prince John. Sorry for being so long winded again!
So much to say in so little space!

6:12 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

erm...edit: that was *"Robin's relationship WITH MARIAN"* has been well established and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Sadhbh said...

The DVD stuff I just happened to stumble across while trying to find out if Anjali Jay had been sacked. It's on the Amazon website the DVD info.
I can't remember where I read the other things.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg i loved this episode the slow motion of marian to robin was brilliant and the moment veveryone was waiting for THE KISS! BRILLIANT! i cant wait for the next series hopefully it will come round faster!
btw where do you get all teh pictures!?

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lot make me laugh!! that was a really good episode definatley the best in the series. Hmmm, where do i start? Aww did you see Harry Lloyd cry that was soo sweet...! And wasn't that just the best pose at the end?! Poor Much he was trembling...if my best friend did that i would hit them aswell...And yes, everyone saw the kiss and it was amazing...! And Robin really lost it in this 1, he was all over the scared me!! Marion looked lovely in the wedding dress and i'm sure Clement of Glen would agree right?! I think Allan A Dale is so cheeky and don't you just love the eyes...? Will too hes cute heh...Guy of Gisborne is so slimy and gross ugh...! Always thinks he can get a kiss from Marion so that punch just made my the way i wanna say thanks to the owner of this site "Robin Hood" for keeping up the fantastic work, i hope u had a gd christmas and new year... (wats ur new years resolution...??)... anyway well done!!! (and thanx for all the great pictures...of harry lloyd...!!) Keep up the good work for 2007...!! Lulu xxx(remember me?!)

2:43 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

wen i saw dis epi the bits d@ stood out da most 4 me were

1) wen allan started lyin and den will just blurts it out! allans

2) wen dey were hidin nd there was those reli werd hidin places like will hiding n the fire place!

3) wen much gt an ear bashin frm robin (who i hav 2 admit was reli cute in dis epi, but harry lloyd definatley still da best.)

4) dis 1 iz obvious but the kiss was amazing!!! but it makes me wonder what'll happen in nxt series cause it wnt b the sme wiv their little arguements and the love/hate situations. will marian bcome an outlaw now? coz she cnt like b around gisbourne now so she mite get arrested nd her father 2. tlk about cliff hanger!!

5) there were some gr8 shots of harry lloyd!! lol


6:33 PM  
Anonymous tiff said...

ye..i dnt know but in the old robin hood (which is boring as anythin) marian came to the forest as an outlaw wen she was reeeeeally old! so i majorly hope its not the same in this but you never know!!!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

i h8 bbc 4 makin us wait 4 sooooooooooooooo long till 2nd series!!!

ps u seen the new blog yet?? its reli hard 2 read!!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Clement of the Glen said...

I would like to congratulate Robin on running a terrific blog and keeping us Hoodies supplied with fantastic images from the series. It really is a shame that it has finished so soon, just as most of us were really starting to become attached to the series.

I had to look away when I thought Maid Marian was about to marry Gisborne! Saturday evening just wont be the same for a while!

I must say her veil looked like one of my mums old curtains, but the rest of her dress looked gorgeous!!!

Also many thanks Robin for the kind words and encouragement about my own Robin Hood blog. This community of Robin Hood fans has really grown since the series first started, I do hope this group can remain in touch and perhaps the series has sparked a long term interest in, what is a remarkable legend.

What did you all think of the Xmas Vicar of Dibley with Guy of Gisborne? I thought it was hilarious! Perhaps once he has married the vicar he will leave poor Marian alone! Coz I wanna marry her!!!!

Happy new year!!!

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, looking at it from the viewpoint a 'general any Robin Hood fan' I didn't like this episode. to me,it felt like it was going back to the earlier poorer episodes rather than stronger later ones. Marion's return to life was too quick and cheesy and easily explained;it made the whole prior episode a big red herring. then in an eyesblink (1 day in fact!) she is up and running,knocking out gisburne with one blow,leaping on horses etc.
what is she--medieval wonder woman? She had stitches and internal bleeding for goodness sake!
The last shot reminded me of power rangers I'm afraid,as the outlaws just stroll away from the castle. well, I guess they would as there only ever seems to be about 4 guards...

9:58 AM  
Blogger robin hood said...

hi anonymous,

I think you make some good points, and I agree with you about the speed of Marian's recovery.

However, I do think a lot of that (AND the cheesy ending) had to do with the BBC's uncertainty as to whether there would be a demand for a second series. So they had the "big cliffhanger" the week before, and a quick tidy up in the final. Note the marked lack of Robin Hood merchandise in the shops this Christmas. The BBC really hadn't made their mind up about continuing or not. I think the next series is the one more likely to end in a state of prolonged suspense rather than this one.

Thanks for your input. It's good to hear alternative opinions from "general Robin Hood fans", which is after all the perspective I'm coming from. I had NO idea the BBC were going to do a series when I started my Robin Hood blog ages and ages ago.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous rae said...

hey anonymous, u cnt think it was all bad? i fink the bbc did a gr8 job considering the circumstances (wether there was gna b a 2nd series etc) nd i cnt wait 4 2nd series.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow!!! i loved this episode. buuut it was well mean what robin said to much that was horrid poor muich =[. the acting was amazing and i can't belive this is the last episode! what will we do! thanks for an amazing seris! =] kat xxx

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Tasha said...

Been away & only just caught up with the last two episodes.Both were excellent & the standard of acting has certainly improved,especially from Lucy.Jonas showed what he is capable of too.
In series 2 ,I'd love to see Guy meet up with a long lost love.Someone strong enough to get him away from the Sherriff's clutches& turn him into the man he wants to be.I think a lot of RA fans would go for that

11:25 AM  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Tasha,

Good point about Gisborne. I think a lot of Armitage fans (and indeed Robin Hood fans) would like the character to have at least one saving grace.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that 'general robin hood fan' person was a bit harsh in some aspects. I mean, it's tv for gods sake, it's not supposed to all make sense. People generally don't spend ages pondering over whether all the scenes were correct.
You'll be please to know, robin hood, that i watched my dvd the other day, for the first time, and i'm attatched to it. my favourite is episode 3 where robin hides in marions bed- i love it when she smiles, then remembers and frowns, then smiles again- true acting. I've now seen all the episodes, and can't wait for the next dvd to come out. until then, i'll be watching my favourites over and over again- to the annoyance of my sister who'd rather watch h igh school musical.
p.s- i loved the extra hood academy part, and the character profiles. it was really interesting- i would have loved to do the hood academy and learn to horse ride like them!

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I DO HORSE RiDE!!!! lol. alot. every day. yeah it was harsh of 'general hoodie' but still it was a different from the usual 'robin hoods great harry lloyds better' ect. lol, hmm high skol musical huh? lol. i dont think gisborne shud have too many saving graces, so he turns nice, that wud really annoy me, a bit cheesy and cl... ( i cant spell) :p i rekon gisborne shud have run to the door of the church just in time to see marion throw her vail into the dust. it wud have bin like HA HA!! i agree rae i cant wait for the 2nd series either. wow u managed to do a comment withought mentioning lloyd *impressed* lol. clara xxx

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

I thought it was easily the best episode yet, and i have no idea how I'm going to manage until the next series- which they better make!! Me and my friends have become obessessed with this programme, gladly talking about it for hours at a time.
In this episode, it cause me to run up and down two fligths of stairs when i realised marian was alive after spending my entire week trying to convince myself she was actually dead. The kiss was brilliant-though what Marian will do now-and what Edward will do now, is a mystery. I think tehy shoudl carry on exactly where it left off-with almost no time in between.
I love this site-and robin hood is my new expression-especially with the gorgeous actors!!lol

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, amy i had to spend the whole week convincing myself she was alive- me and my friends would think of every possible solution. in the hood academy the horse riding looks WICKED they get to do it with no hands- but i didnt see lucy in any, it was always the boys! i suppose she doesn't need to learn how to horseride bareback-she never has too!

4:25 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

hey clara,

yeah wow!! i did do a comment wivout mentioning harry. amazing. u gt 2 admit he is fit.


ps i horse ride 2!

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi rae
alrite, hes fit, v much sxcer since da begining of da series, in da last 3 or 4 eps i noticed him more!! lol i have a pony and am rather obessesed with it and compete all da time lol o der lol claraxxx

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again
did guy see her go off with Robin?
i seem to remember he didnt
only said that cause i have sent ages discussing that with my mother
good to be back

11:05 AM  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi jesii,

Although I gon't think Guy witnessed it with his own eyes, his men did (I think they said "shall we go after her?"), and several spectators. So news of the event will be all around Nottingham.

Guy also heard Much's words about "her heart belongs to another".

So, if the BBC acts as if nothing has happened, it will be a laughing stock and food for their critics.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous katherine said...

ahhh the kisss!!! i think the whole nation saw THE KISS! it was absolutley amazing nd the fact is eventhough jonas nd lucy probably dont love each other in real life jonas made that kiss look sooooo romantic and absolutley gorgeous! aww terriffic end
how can i get a part in the next series? i wud love it

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the Kiss so much and Jonas Armstrong. He and Lucy work so well together. Where do you all live?? (specifics would be cool) You are so lucky you had Robin Hood in December it only recently came out here. Here by the way is the U.S., California. I loved loved loved loved loved when much said "her heart belongs to another". Laura :) i love robin hood

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it is only 9:22 PM here. Laura

5:22 AM  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Laura,

Glad everyone over there is enjoying the series.

The comments around here, as you can see, were mostly made when the series aired in the UK. So these folk are pretty much all Brits. But of course, between series, it has gone a bit quiet.

Hope you'll let your friends know about the site. That way you can all meet in these boxes and get a dialogue going.

cheers for now.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura- I'm from California too! Nice to know I'm not the only person on the west coast totally obsessing over this show. I totally agree with you, when Much said "Her heart belongs to another'"I couldn't help but squeal and jump up and down in my seat. I think Guy is going to get revenge in the second season (or at least, try). He doesn't strike me as the type of person to just let something like this go. Personally, I don't think he really liked her to begin with. EVERY time he and Robin would meet he would say something like "I'll think of you and laugh when I take her to the marriage bed". Can you say, 'disgusting'?


5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Ha just kidding. That is pretty gross. Another good part i loved was when Robin said "I'm sick of doing the right thing" those tears in his eyes were so adorable and heartfelt. I think jonas armstrong is sooo gorgeous. yummy!!!! Kristen Hi!!
You are such a dork!!

10:18 PM  
Anonymous riya said...

oh god, what an episode!!

complete entertainment...
some sequences tht really stood out:
- when guy sees marian on the bed, and robin is hiding on the ceiling, though she can see him through the linen net stuff, while guy is the same time, it's hilarious whr everyone hides..
- jonas's expressions when he tells edward he is sick of doing the right thing....wonderful
- when robin disses much....tht was mean, but well done...and is it me, or does some1 else also agree, tht Much saved the day, by interrupting the marriage, and then telling robin abt the sheriff's plan
- the kiss....ahh, sumthing robin-marian fans have been waiting for since a long long time....and what a chemistry jonas n lucy share....hope to see it gets better n better in the next season...

other than that, marian's recovery, though unbelievable, is acceptable given BBCs uncertainty abt the series...but edward ...i mean come on...she denied to go with robin (when robin warned her guy knows the truth tht she was betraying him for outlaws) and saved her dad (ep 7), and he asks robin to forget abt her n save the king!!!! n also, marian's dialogue abt guy needing love...please...they cud've changed tht to her being helpless, rather than forgetting all the romantic interchanges b/w marian n robin the day before....

nonetheless, great episode, n i still gotta catch up on the 1st 5 of the series....i don't even know how long i'll have to wait for the 2nd season....i do hope it's earlier than march of 2008!!! tht long a time seems impossible!!!

robin, ur blog will be my only source on stuff frm 2nd season, till bbc america airs it....thnks a lot for maintaining a site like this....

back to more jonas daydreaming...lolz...byee

6:45 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...


I'll be trying to keep up once again through the next season. AND (like this time) trying to avoid "spoilers". But of course the UK does get them earlier than other countries.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Brillig said...

I just found this blog today and I've read the entire thing, from beginning to end. As I'm just getting involved in this series on my end of the pond, where it's not readily available, I feel that my obsession is about 8 months late... hahaha. Oh well. Here I am. Very glad to have found your excellent blog.

9:57 PM  

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