Saturday, December 16, 2006

Robin Hood picture gallery 10


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love will scarlett! :P

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is hot!


this is from a differnt person from the 1st comment :D

10:34 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

yh i left da 1st 1!! lol. harry lloyd is gorgeous!!

3:07 PM  
Anonymous kaytee said...

hmm kinda but i think jonas armstrong is well lush omg he is really fit!!! OMG ! rae u r ryt harry lloyd is nyc lol but jonas is v hot! me nd ma frend always drool ova thm on sat nights lol

6:32 PM  
Anonymous rae said...

harry lloyd is the best though....

7:10 PM  
Anonymous tasha said...

i have totally fallen for harry lloyd AND will scarlet!!....i felt like crying when i saw Djak and will kiss (lol) i wanted the slap her..hee

7:11 AM  

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